About me

I am a Colombian photographer based in Nassau - The Bahamas, willing to travel around the world to capture different portraits. I started photography in 2009, where I found a way to express myself through art.

Later in 2013, I started to work as a cruise ship photographer and I had the chance to travel around the world discovering different cultures and making friends while finding my own signature.

I am in constant learning, photography is more than "point and shoot", It's about light, patience, composition, technique, cameras, lenses, technology and much much more, I like when people view their photographs and instantly love what they see, that makes me feel proud.

In order to improve and to be more creative, I attend different conferences and workshops during the year, photographers like Sean LeBlanc, Lindsay Adler, Salvatore Cincotta, Scott Robert Lin, Lara Jade, Roberto Valenzuela, Rocco Ancora, CM Leung, and Sakis Batzalis are just a few of my favorite photographers where I can find inspiration and also are key to understand more and more this every day changing environment of wedding and portrait photography.

I am a proud member of the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) since 2018 which is the premier industry community of photographers and filmmakers specializing in the creative aspects of wedding and portrait photography and film-making.

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