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A little more about me

I am a Colombian photographer who loves music, music is very important to me, it helps me to keep the rhythm of my life, I love having some music while I create portraits, well, in some cases, when I am allowed to :) 

I like to talk a looot, but sometimes I find myself lost in translation :( (Spanish is my first language), I like to learn new words, new expressions in English, so, if I am saying something wrong or my pronunciation is not correct, please let me know, I won't get man, I promise

To me photography is that incredible art that helps us to go back in time over and over again, reliving those magical moments, remembering those places we visit, those words we say and the people we love, photography is more than just press a button in our cameras, photography is about creating that special connection between you and the camera, maybe you will forget my name, but you won't forget that memory that will last forever.

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